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Take recruitment off your plate as we source mission fitting, English-fluent candidates for Free.

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When you select a winner, onboard them to your full-time team with overlapped work-hours.

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Leverage emerging country rates as flat monthly fees and celebrate wiggle room in your budget.

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With no other fees, our incentive is aligned with your hires working out long-term for you.

Risk-Free If you decide to stop within 4 Weeks, you pay nothing.

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Your Workload Needs Tech Stars

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You're open to globally sourcing your positions, but the idea of finding, vetting, and hiring remote talent feels risky and complicated — for good reason.

The Reliable Way To Hire Remotely ✦ The Reliable Way To Hire Remotely ✦ The Reliable Way To Hire Remotely ✦


A deep dive into your goals.

Our product development expert unpacks your preferences for an ideal candidate. Rest assured, we understand tech.


A shortlist worth your time.

The expert collaborates with our offshore recruiters to filter best-fit candidates for you to interview — for free.


A setup for sustainability.

When you green-light a candidate, we contract them to you at their pre-advertised rate; we hire them locally to manage their local benefits and payroll.

Remote is Leverage.

Full-time rockstars at global rates is a heavy combo. Chances are, your competition is leveraging it.

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"Fantastic experience working with Ali for our developers. Multiply gets what we need, saving us time & money! - highly recommended."
Maria Lee
Head of Product at Zen Fusion
"The smartest way to hire remote designers & engineers. My crew is sharp, quick, and my costs one-third! Best decision I made this year."
Davis Arcand
CEO at RocketLaw
"If you're looking for a cost-effective way to scale your team but without losing quality, work with Ali. He helped us hire a solid team."
Sam Rodriguez
VP Engineering, SpotOn

Focused, not Freelanced.

Freelance engagements attract side-gig talent:

You're sharing a distracted business operator with all.

You risk losing their attention to another side-gig.

They never fully operate as your integrated team member.

Full-Time positions sourced by experts and local recruiters work better:

It helps us attract high-caliber, career-oriented talent at a better rate.

They function just like another member of your team with full business context.

This produces dependable, compounding results for our clients.

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Was any of this written by ChatGPT?
Nope! Humans here 😊👋
How do you win top talent in competitive local markets?
When it comes to offshore talent from emerging countries, higher-end candidates are recruited by successful local companies offering job security, healthcare, benefits, severance, payroll taxes, and beyond. Those not recruited often turn to freelance websites for project-based work.

In order to have the best chance with the top-tier, career-oriented designers and developers, we have boots-on-the-ground recruiters who are in tune with the local market and can recruit with Multiply's promise of the same or better compensation (still at a lower cost for you).
What if our position requires a highly-skilled specialist?
Multiply uses seasoned hiring managers (not recruiters) to evaluate designers and developers.

Developers come in many specializations. While the problem of distinguishing between specializations isn’t as severe as it is on the designer front, an engineer still has to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency for a specific role. At Multiply, all candidates are verified by a highly experienced senior developer and engineering manager.

Designer recruiting is different because the bulk of the skill screening happens on the portfolio evaluation front. This requires a designer's eye which is what most traditional recruiters don't have. At Multiply, every candidate is evaluated with a careful eye by a practiced hiring manager with extensive design leadership background.
What if we're not happy with our hire?
Our process is meticulous and we have a 100% client satisfaction rate. However, in the unlikely event you are not satisfied, you are under no contractual obligation to continue our services.
Will working in different time zones becomes a problem?
Our candidates average 4 hours (or 50%) of work overlap and we've found that, once work begins, managers end up needing fewer than 2 hours of overlap per day. So, while this tends to be a major concern for many, that fear fizzles out quickly as work is completed and they have more than enough overlap to sync up in real time.
What if we've had a bad experience with global workers?
Many companies have had bad experiences with offshore talent sourced through freelancing sites. Those bad experiences, in actuality, have less to do with the talent being offshore and more to do with the type of talent those sites attract.

Here's what we mean: Top-tier professionals can secure good jobs with stable income at local, successful companies with consistent pay, healthcare, a career with growth prospects, severance packages, increment plans, and many other benefits and local compliances needed for their family’s security.

Those who cannot secure such good, long-term jobs end up on freelancing sites. Some high-caliber candidates do utilize these sites as well, but generally for "side-gigs" as a means of supplementary income, not long-term, career-oriented opportunities.

At Multiply, we break through the local competition to attract the best candidate pool with even better compensation.
What if we struggle with communication?
Everyone in our talent pool has exceptional English-speaking skills which you'll experience during your interview process.
What if our hire doesn't like working with us?
While this has never happened, in such an event, we'd be happy to initiate another search for you.

Note, not only do we hand-select our talent, we also carefully select the companies we partner with. We trust that you'll treat your hire as a respected member of your team. Beyond that, we're committed to keeping them happy by:
  • ensuring competitive salary,
  • keeping a severance and increment plan in place, and
  • checking in and offering support regularly.
What if we only need short-term help?
Short-term, part-time design and development support found on popular freelancing sites often costs the same amount as hiring a full-time employee through Multiply.

So, if you’re growing a company, we encourage you to consider the power of having a dependable, full-time employee that helps you leverage the compounding interests of your industry domain with their business know-how. Your employee will be present at daily meetings like any other team member, learning context and understanding their role in moving the company forward.

Either way, please reach out. We're happy to help if we can.
What if I'm thinking about hiring an agency instead?
Agencies and freelancers can work very well for short-term engagements where you’re trying to solve a contained problem. But, when you’re building evolving products and servicing your clients on an ongoing basis, you need dedicated hands on deck. You want a partner who is not only attending all your meetings but who is also immersed in your business context (instead of operating in the context of their own business).
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With decades of experience leading design & dev in Silicon Valley, Ali specializes in scaling teams by hiring remote talent exceptional at their craft.

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